If you pay attention to the world around you and listen to the people,

you will find possible ideas for your postings on social media

Also there are tools and tricks that will help you find even more ideas

Speaking from my own experience, i am trying to share with you the way i have been able to generate ideas about the content.

Here are the sources for generation of new content ideas

1. Online groups ( facebook, Linkedin etc) powerful source
2. Industry publications – popular topics and titles
3. Industry publications – comments sections
4. Blogs/ Magazines etc
5. Social media people you follow
6. Social Media Questions in Q&A live session – Ask industry Influencers
7. Surveys
8. Instagram comments and feeds
9. General Forums (Yahoo and Quora)
10. Website Analytics (Competitor Websites)
11. Google keyword related searches
12. Behind the scenes

You and your content should be available at the right platform looking after your audience by giving the required amount & right kind of attention.

Share your thoughts in comments…




Book Author, Passion preneur, Digital and Affiliate Marketer

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Book Author, Passion preneur, Digital and Affiliate Marketer

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