All I needed was FAITH

2 min readJul 22, 2022


Faith was a character in my expedition on social media, steadfast growth on some days to comments on others. It seemed to particularly enjoy throwing a curve ball my way every now and then. Still I continued to bounce back and move forward in my journey on inspiring others.

It was a bit of sentimental walk down memory lane, an ode to my dearest people on social media. Celebrating Life and it seemed right to pen down a little something to toast to the good times shared.

It was the first time on a rainy day when I was driving through the busy traffic of Bangalore. At that time , I spend my days cooped my in a cubicle surrounded by corporate zombies working long hours and tuned out of my personal interest I had a flare for public speaking and motivation . My life had become much like the city skyscrapers- Concrete Jungle but there was almost nothing unique, just the routine.

I needed a change, had to live a life with meaningful purpose and strongly backed my mission. I had to find something that would add a spark to my life than monotonous existence.

It all clicked when I saw the ad of Dev and the program which I was enrolled in Digital Marketing. I could relate to the fact God had created me for a reason

I felt the missing piece in the puzzle had been found. The month’s salary zoomed in and I signed the deal to learn from the best, expert who had a vision of the future. I was in the mastermind class and “the joy I experienced it was the highlight of every day.

Faith became more than a belief for me, to create and lead the people towards success I could see that in my mentees who were associated with me and the way I learnt from my mentors and passed the expertise knowledge to them

Until I recently realized that it was faith with which you operate from takes you to a different level- from your positivity to decision making. it is selfish to leave such a special program on the table which can change your life and create the wealth for you which you will be proud of and your family members. It can fast forward the years of struggle for you. If someone had told me these years ago I would have definitely picked up and progresses much faster. It is time now to pass on the baton. All I am keeping is immense love and sense of gratitude that I have trusted my coaches that always I ensured the universe calls, grab the opportunity and make your presence felt in the online world.