Celebrating Failure

1 min readOct 1, 2020


Failure is one of rare feeling which makes you feel the world around you is not the same during the happier times which used to be earlier and makes you think proactively and adapt to the situation and society well equipped.

Failure is like taking one step back preparing yourself for a bigger launch. This time in your life is so crucial and society, friends, corporations has turned you down. The only ones to support you is the family and the ones who love and care for you . They mean the world to you. Failure is the hardest part in ones life right from childhood to death everyone is scared of the tag “Failure”

This is the moment to stand up for ourselves and take the control of our Think tank called the brain and have laser like focus to achieve more than what we failed.

This is the magical moment which one has to experience called celebration of life. This alone can boost your confidence level so much that it makes you unstoppable , breaks all the records and makes you a Star.

Failure is the moment, a phase to challenge your mindset to prove your own worth.