Going through Difficult times

1 min readJun 26, 2023


Difficult times are part of life

A Small heart felt poetry ..

From somebody to nobody we become, when heart that pumps blood all through our life comes to a standstill, When breathe becomes just thin air.

All the illusions of being in illusion just subside by, there comes a point in life When we need the people who we need the most by our side. When existential crisis in your mind pass by, listen to the inner voice of yours.

Look inside you and its hurt’s you can't lie. May be the reality is also an illusion. Then why do we look for an illusion. Then why do we still look for an conclusion. Going back to the roots from where it all started. When there is no hope left to believe. The moment of reality becomes a moment of realization. Life is too short to be sulking low and depressed in a corner of a room, Wake up! Tie your shoes and get going

From the bottom we rise again. Hit the bottom but with all the wings to fly again.

The super heroes are created by

When all the paths of difficulties they cross by may and come out stronger