2 min readSep 11, 2020


Let me share 5 tips with you to make your life more refined so that you can find a better version within you

· I would like to say never operate with fear from the mind whenever you are taking decisions in life but to operate with leap of faith.

· In life we always need to have mental toughness to face any given situation and never let our mind get into panic mode or survival , as it stops to think faster and better when in panic mode.

Since childhood we have always lived life of comfort so we have never operated outside our comfort zone and secured life. When we need to go that extra mile we need to step out of comfort zone and hence we may have to overcome the obstacles so be prepared to take calculated risk both mentally and financially and build yourself with tough mindset like the book “ No One Can HURT Me”

· Do not crib about problems but so seek a solution or a way out. The most astonishing thing is Life is temporary on this planet how can problems be permanent it is just a matter of time to overcome it “

Good times and Bad times “are a part of life they are bound to come and go but be prepared for it.

· Have you observed successfully people having rare qualities? Did they build it overnight ? or did it come naturally to them ?

The hard situations helped them to develop it over a period of time in the long run for endurance.

· Have gratitude in life , small things go a long way, Be humble even when you are successful. People will look up to you.