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2 min readNov 24, 2023


37 days left in 2023 to Spice up your Instagram

If you don’t follow these you will fail……

  • Stop Blaming the Algorithm

It’s all about the audience preferences now, the reflection of the Algorithm…Think Twice

Only blame game will give you an excuse to fail again.

  • Overthinking spoils the Games

Use of Analytics to step up your game and make your results and reach better

Getting stuck at the first step & never thinking creatively to take actions and overthinking stops from further growing and learning in the positive direction

  • Afraid to Share

Remember Sharing Value is the way up

You are seriously afraid to share value, may be you are afraid of the competition.

Great legends once said…

If your free stuff is better than your competitor’s paid stuff, then there is no way you can fail

  • You are not Adapting to 2023

Few days left for the year to slip by into 2024

Instagram has already changed the way it functions 3 times in the year 2023

  • Consistency is the key you miss always

You need to be creative and be continuously good at what you do from your core.

  • You do it only for Money

Yes we all need money to live a life, but if you avoid the other signs of failure and you succeed, money shall come to you . Pause and Think !!!

  • Never compare Oranges to Apples

Make ways to think smartly your skills is special and you are best at it.

Putting the puzzle pieces together. Decoding this for you in a simple way. It is all about realizing how every effort, sacrifice and your precious time you have done to reach at this level.

I wish you to accomplish your success with the power to overcome obstacles easily

  • Most people usually stop being so serious and they destroy what they worked so hard for

That’s why you need strong motivation and mental toughness than simple money.

For SUCCESS you take need to take the first STEP.

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