2 min readDec 11, 2020


Lockdown Diaries - Online Business Creation in Bangalore (India)

This student by name Mohammed Suhail who is highly motivated to be an extra ordinary person in his life. He aims high to make his presence online and serve the surroundings with frozen food chicken and sea food products which comes under various categories like Ready to eat, heat and eat. His business was started with just delivery through pamphlets and posters displayed on shops or at billing counters.

So I have coached him and created a website for him to scale his business.

This idea has inspired me to take his business to the next level with creation of website and blogs with HD images through which people can order online.

It did not have a name after rounds of modification “HALIS” name was generated with logo designing and special features on the website like linking directly to whatsapp or social media profiles and calling directly to place order with just click of a button so that order can be placed with ease. Website created was customer friendly. It was done to create value to the customer, inform that the product is genuine with reviews of the buyers who have enjoyed and relished the consumed products.

To get the consumer more interactive the feedback/ survey forms was introduced to capture the data and need for improvements to get the customer delight and at the same time email collection to keep the customer informed about the latest updates on addition of new products/ price changes, also reminder to the customers that they are remembered through Birthday wishes/ Anniversary / Festivals so that there is a sense of belongings and repetitive purchases for functions at home and weekend special at home with family members.

For super markets to keep his products at their store people needed to gain his trust by showing the social proof people have accepted his business proposal to be in collaboration.

This has led Suhail the proud owner of his HALIS business to be more confident of his business model and having a bright future as lockdown has created more people to have online presence and prefer food to be cooked at home instead of waiting at hotels for tables and long wait for food to be served.

Believe in yourself……