Not all clients are created equal

1 min readFeb 10, 2021


Some are delighted to work with ! They leave you energized and excited about the work and I bet, they are also most profitable to you ( not necessarily bring in the most amount of $ , but profitability is skyrocketing )

And on the contrary there are clients, are often unsatisfied, complain a lot and want to add services that you did not agree on initially for the same price.

Sounds familiar ?

Every service provider goes through different types of clients but not everything is black and white as I just described . Sometimes clients are somewhere in between and if you don’t audit your projects frequently and evaluate them, you will again make the same mistakes over and over again

Do you know how to determine which ones are profitable and you would be happy to keep and have more of and which ones should be better left to you competitors ?

Do you know how to evaluate your clients or projects ?

let me know in the comments !