What makes you UNSTOPPABLE ?



Let me Share with you a Story of a Person who can Inspire you, get you Charged up.

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This is a 99 years old Man who wakes up early, is disciplined, reads the newspaper without spectacles, Walks without a walking stick, Does the daily chores all by himself Independently, Shaves everyday can you believed it with Gillette. “Brands does not leave MEN “even after years.

He was a chain smoker for 40 years who used to be proud of. Under his bed used to be Carton Boxes of Cigarettes which he could not let go of the habit. Until one incident of Heart Surgery he had to go through. This has changed his view from his “ADDICTION” to “QUIT SMOKING” and has never touched it or gone back to smoking.

All it takes is a strong WILL POWER to fight it out (ADDICTION) . The joy to live longer for happiness and safety of family is immense.

Let me share his Achievements

He was a great sportsman from the Land of Gold known as K.G.F ( Kolar Gold Fields) where Gold was first found out in South India. Also a Manager in the Mining .He has played cricket and has got his 4 children to play cricket as well and shared the pitch in few of the matches on the field competing with other districts . He was playing cricket until the age of 40 years.

This Grand Old Man is turning 100 this October. He is none other than my Grand Father.

Let me help you to shoot your Goals in Right Way

We all have problems but it is all in the mind. Let us #challenge ourselves to start afresh to break our old habits, create something for ourselves in the journey of Passionpreneur and lastly not to forget be fit and healthy.



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